Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DxClient NetViewer for CCTV

Let's Start with Internet Explorer (IE) netview.

You may access the IE Netview via our hosting site: http://yokotachi.gotdns.com/

If you are the first time access your cctv on the PC, please proceed to following guide before enter the address:

Open IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Tick enable for “download unsigned active control” > OK > OK… if IE8 will prompt asking for confirmation to change the security, click yes for that ….. Once the security set, type in http://yokotachi.gotdns.com/ or your own hostname. You will see a extra yellowish bar appear below the address bar. This is the activeX bar. Click it, select add-on disabled > Run add-on on all website….. this will install the client into IE… once add-on installed u will able to c the windows below.... Before doing anything, please restore back the security setting by clicking "default level" in security option just now.

DxClient NetViewer in IE:

First of all, identify your login details:

such as:
hostname: xxxxx.dyndns.org
hostport: 4559
username: admin
password: xxxxxxx

After that, click this button:

Then u will get a login popout windows:

So, fill in the details, and press login. You should now able to access your cctv.


  1. Is there a project to add the audio to the video stream. Or do I need to be recording/playback to get audio over IP?

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the info
    I have set this up fine on my customers pc but now am having difficulty seeing any images on a different comuter.

    It is a mac computer running parallels to use windows xp. I can log on to the software and log in but cannot see any moving images.

    I am wondering if i am lacking some kind of image viewing software as i am using parallels

    What would you advise??

    Thank you

  3. Pls can i view each camera online my client as be worry me pls help me out thanks

  4. Where can I download the software I have lost my disc

  5. for android application??? you have prepare this??

  6. yes dxclient for adroid a MUST

  7. is there some similar software working on android or ipad?